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We are building our World U.P. by improving access to resources
that allow humans to connect, learn, and empower each other
through kindness and love.

white gradient.png
The image is a world map with a water colored overlay. The right side is the Americas which are vibrant orange, reds, and yellows. The colors morph to vibrant greens, purples, and, pinks as the water colors go across africia, europe and into australia.
The World U.P. Logo is a teal blue sphere representing the world. North America is purple, South America is pink, Europe is Yellow and Green. The word "world" is written in a black script located offset to the right of the top center of the sphere. Centered in the middle of the sphere in black lettering is a capital U which shares a line with a capital P. The P extends into a arrow pointing upwards.
Two hands composed of diferent colored geometric shapes are clasping eachother.
World U.P. is a collective of innovative and passionate people who dream of an Understanding and Peaceful global community, where everyone belongs,
is celebrated, and appreciated for our differences.


In support of our values to:

Promote Diversity 

Celebrate Differences

Listen & Learn from Constructive Conflict

Actively Invest


Understanding Needs

Foster Social Innovation

Uphold Honest Communication

Cultivate Community

Providing healthy choices

for our community since 2017.

As part of our Health & Wellness Initiative, World U.P. launched the Mobile Produce Pantry, focused on improving access to fresh produce for all of our communities, focusing on Richmond's food deserts.

Mobile Produce Pantry logo has stacked rectangular boxes of different lengths.  The top box is the shortest in width. It's muted teal blue with white capital lettering "Mobile". The middle Box is the longest, is muted pink and has capital white lettering "PRODUCE". The bottom is muted green with capital white lettering "PANTRY". The boxes are justified to the right. Below the bottom box there are two circles that are meant to represent wheels. The left circle is darker pink. The right circle is the World U.P. Logo. Out the back is abstract colors of produce designed to make it look like the logo is in forward motion.
The image is the back of the Mobile Produce Pantry attached to a pickup truck. From the perspective on the back double doors of the pantry you can see the world up logo, list of sponsors, and the side of the pantry which is designed to look like a road side stand.
The image shows a variety of colorful vegetables including leeks, broccoli, multi colored pepers, purple cabbages, celery, tomatoes, and varieties of yellow and green squash.

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Community Spotlight

We value our partners because partnership leads to impact

Working together

Sharing Resources

Aligning Strategies

Strengthening Communities

The image shows the city of richmond skyline. The sky is blue with powdery white clouds. The city buildings are beige and white with dark square windows. In the foreground are shorter buildings, one is bright red.


Partner & build trust

with us?

"Being able to provide basic needs to individuals is so important, not just to the person who receives these much needed items but to the community...

Providing essential items to those in need, helps them become productive and contributing members of our society. Essential period products for menstruators in need and fresh produce go hand in hand for the health and wellness of women and girls. Menstruators must have access to period products and nutritious food so that they can be at their best everyday. Partnering with World Up to provide period products highlights the importance of both! Sylvia's Sisters has a long and wonderful relationship with World U.P. and we are grateful that they are one of our partner organizations that distributes period products in the Richmond, VA area."

- Jennifer Taylor, President of Sylvia's Sisters

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