• Kendra Butler

We will not be silent.

Dear Friends & Supporters,

We write to you with heavy hearts. The murders we have recently seen in the U.S. are highlighting injustices enacted upon our communities every day, but which rarely garner national or global attention. It's wrong, and our communities can no longer tolerate the seemingly invisible, inherent, and systematic racial issues that exist any more than we can tolerate or justify murder by asphyxiation; kneeling on someone’s neck as they cry out ‘I can’t breathe’. So our family, friends, and neighbors protest to assure their voices are not the next to be silenced by the police, by the media, the president, or white supremacy.

We can try to spin a lesson from these senseless and heinous murders, but the fact is, the lesson is that the U.S. has been biased and complacent in the protection of its citizens. This is not new, just a visible proof that racism is still pervasive in our society, because of our complacency. It's because we have told ourselves that racism lived in the era of our grandparents and their grandparents before them. The senseless system set up in the U.S. has silenced issues of racial equity. We tell ourselves we cannot be responsible for the actions of those who lived generations before us. These lies have been woven to silence and placate younger generations into believing that progress has an absolute and definitive end. Lasting progress requires organized and consistent efforts. World U.P. remains committed to fostering real progress - a constant movement forward towards a better, more united world.

As an Organization that dreams of a united global community, where everyone belongs, is celebrated, and is appreciated for our differences, we stand with those who have undertaken and continue to conduct protests and advocacy efforts. We do not condone the advantageous looting and violent acts undertaken by certain individuals, detracting from the mission and message of the peaceful protestors who have worked tirelessly to be heard. We do, however, look at the message surrounding those protests which have turned violent and understand violence was the seed that bred the need for this movement. In the words of Martin Luther King, Jr. “certain conditions continue to exist in our society, which must be condemned as vigorously as we condemn riots. But in the final analysis, a riot is the language of the unheard. . . . Social justice and progress are the absolute guarantors of riot prevention.” We hear the pain and hurt that has fueled a justifiable outrage - the cry to be heard, the need for action, the demand for structural change, and the pursuit of social justice and progress.

World U.P. will not be silent. We will stand by the message of the protests, to create a nation and world that ensures Black Lives Matter. Conflict must be acknowledged and channeled to create change and promote new ways of improving together, and World U.P. aims to support the value of the conflict in our current environment by:

  1. Continuing to provide spaces for the people to hold uncomfortable, but necessary conversations, fostering the full spectrum of cultural expression.

  2. Remain vigilant in providing access to fresh produce to our communities in need and those who are protesting.

  3. Challenge ourselves to continually develop and implement solutions addressing pervasive racial issues, while maintaining a kind and peaceful space for refuge.

World U.P. is here for ALL who seek acceptance and support. We stand with you in this fight for our communities.

Sending Peace & Love,

The Board Of Directors, The World U.P. Foundation

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