• Kendra Butler

Thank You to our 2017 Donors!

Hi Friends,

As many of you may have noticed, our Impact Report for 2017 was sent out to our e-mail list earlier this week. The fact that we even have "impacts" to report to everyone blows my mind! I won't belabor our accomplishments from last year, because I've written about them over and over and the report will be available on our website (just as soon as I figure out how to do that). I am however going to call out a number of people here and now and thank them for their amazing support! Throughout 2017 the following amazing people and businesses provided their support and enabled us to give back to the Richmond community!


Mandi Asbell

Nancy Blair

George Bourey

Kendra Butler

Jill Collins

Brookie Crawford

Linda Cummer

Joselito Diaz

Leigh Dillon

Eric Diton

Eli Drebin

Ellen Dukette

Jefferson Dukette

Kelly Flammia

Ashley Grant

Janice Hackett

Caasi Harris

Debbie and Jeff Hoch

Jessica Mawson

Lisa Newton Audrey Peltz Thomas Reichert Christina Santini Kayla Smith Kevin Stacey II Cody Symanietz Sean Watson Morgan Wright


Kate Burns Emily Dukette Nikki Proffitt Kourtney Smithson Red Eye Cookie Company Richmond SPCA Carie Staley Alexandra Vega


Kendra Butler, Community Building Devon Charles, Website Development Jamal Greene, Community Building Mallory Premock, Summer Intern Kourtney Smithson, Photography

Of course, last but not least, I really need to give a shout out to last year's board who all donated money, goods, and time, but also moved us forward with their creative thought and action. Ashley, Alex, Nick, and Vic - thank you for believing in this mission, taking action, and questioning me. Without you, there would be no World U.P. and I would not have my sanity.

Peace, Love, & Understanding,


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