• Kendra Butler

Some ideas may seem RADICAL, but equality shouldn’t be.

As I write this, it’s June 19, 2020 - or Juneteenth - a day of celebrations that reminds Black people in America of the day they became emancipated from chattel slavery and unwitting property to a system that would keep them oppressed for another 200+ years. But I digress - this is not a history lesson but another generation building upon and making history as the battle for racial justice fights on.

Over Memorial Day weekend, another Black man became a hashtag, a face on a t-shirt, a social media video known worldwide to everybody. The word “everybody” is important because, for the first time in the era of Social Media, there were no sports, movies, or concerts, - just the same 8 mins and 46 secs over and over, on every platform. Worlds hearts, minds, passions, and buildings were set ablaze with a desire for RADICAL social, political, and economical change across the world.

Richmond has been inspiring, yes inspiring, others around the world to tear down systems of oppression and injustice – see ya, Christopher Columbus! I have been inspired by activists young and old focused on creating RADICAL change, being unafraid of RADICAL dialogue with all ages and races, inspired to help my people and stop intergenerational cycles created by outside/police intervention.

I have been inspired to take to the streets - to demand equal justice, to demand the right as a Black woman who loves a Black man to not be afraid of him following the law and still dying, to demand the right that as a Black veteran to not have to wonder ‘should I bring my military ID with me as back up, so they’ll think I’m “one of the good ones”?’ - to demand the right as a teacher that the Black and Brown children in my care will be treated as fairly as White children when they get to elementary school.

We are challenging society, domestic & global, to truly “Be the change you want to see in the world”. Some ideas may seem RADICAL, but equality shouldn’t be.

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