Cedar Street Baptist Church

Updated: Feb 9

The Cedar Street Baptist Church Logo is a golden shield broken into 4 quadrants. The top left is an image of a rounded stair case, the top right is a bible and a cross, the bottom left is a family, and the bottom right is hands reaching upward. The caption is Living, Learning, Loving and references John 10:10.

The Cedar Street Baptist Church of GOD is a Biblically-based church where the word of GOD is Preached, Taught and Lived. It is our mission to be a ministry of EXCELLENCE as we fulfill the great commission while living, learning, and loving. (Matthew 28:18-20)


We are so excited for you to learn about Cedar Street Baptist Church of God located in Church Hill of Richmond, VA. We were fortunate enough to start partnering with them in early 2021 to provide support to their community and parish. Their desire to infuse the community with empowerment and resources is inspiring!


Q: Who are you and where are you from?

A: Cedar Street Baptist Church of God, Richmond Virginia (Church Hill Community)

Q: What's your mission and the community you serve?

A: The Cedar Street Baptist Church of God is a Biblically-based church where the word of God is PREACHED, taught, and lived. It is our mission to be a ministry of EXCELLENCE as we fulfill the great commission while living, learning, and loving. The community that we serve is reaching beyond the walls of the church, extending to the congregation of membership and the Church Hill community surrounding the campus.

"...where the word of God is preached, taught, and lived."

The red brick church sits on a Street Corner and is set against a bright blue sky with streaks of white clouds.
"Living.. Learning.. Loving.."

Q: What does community mean to you?

A: To Cedar, community means empowerment, fellowship, and love.

Q: What's the change you would like to see in Richmond?

A: In the City of Richmond we are called to be a change agent within marginalized communities by offering our resources, raising our voices, and creating space where everyone can experience unconditional love.

"....EMPOWERMENT, fellowship and love."

Q: What do you love about Richmond?

A: Cedar Street is the 7th oldest historically African-American congregation within the city. We have a rich history, beginning in 1867, and continue to serve our community diligently. Richmond is a special place and what we love most about Church Hill is the diversity of our neighbors and the care that we show to one another.

Q: How does your organization promote Understanding and Peace?

A: Cedar is a welcoming and hospitable community within Church Hill. We promote the peace of God to all during weekly services and fellowship opportunities. It is our goal to promote peace with the understanding that God has created us to all be mindful of our differences as a part of God’s divine work.

Q: What values did you see in World U.P. that made you want to partner with us?

A: World U.P.'s Mobile Produce Pantry program connected us to the resources that our community needed more in abundance (i.e.: fresh produce). We partnered with World U.P. to serve as a host site, and upon seeing their program in action decided that we would serve as an ongoing site partner.

Q: How can people support your mission?

A: We accept volunteer support for our community fellowship opportunities and we also accept financial donations.

Q: How can people find more about you/contact you?




Church office (804)648-8919

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