• Kendra Butler

A Poem On Meeting Chaos with Kindness

Last night in a moment of play, I asked my 6-year old step-daughter what the meaning of life was. In my defense, she was playing the teacher and requested questions from her class. Her answer was simple and to the point - “Community.” I was in awe. How is it that a six-year-old can answer such an abstract question with such clarity?

Let’s be blunt - the last month has been hard. Lives have been lost, jobs are being threatened, the economy can’t make up its mind about how it’s going to react. We are dealing with something that is unprecedented. We had no recovery plans for what would happen when something beyond human control would threaten the entire world equally, demanding all the same resources, taking lives regardless of race, ethnicity, or gender. COVID-19 equalized us in some ways and widened the division of inequalities in others. It’s complicated, convoluted, and very abstract. It’s a time that demands simplicity and clarity in life - it demands Community.

When we started World U.P. 4 years ago, we knew we wanted to create a Community and we are embracing the need for Community stronger than ever. We are a collective of innovative and passionate people who dream of an Understanding and Peaceful global community, where everyone belongs, is celebrated, and is appreciated for our differences.

To foster such a Community, we need to combat fear by developing diverse friendships to migrate the ethnicity-based violence and stereotypes as shown in the news. We need to build our World U.P. (sorry - I couldn’t resist) by improving access to resources that allow humans to connect, learn, and empower each other through kindness & love. We need to come together.

As people, we need to remember that everyone is facing a different version of the reality we are in. We need to remember that while the virus must be contained, people still live in their daily lives and they are so vastly different, with different levels and channels of stress, varying choices, and a wide array of privileges. We cannot presume to understand how everyone is responding to this crisis without staying connected and working together.

Some People, All People: A Poem

Some people can’t stay home

Some people have to stay home

Some people have to care for their elderly family members

Some people are now understanding the daily requirements of teaching children

Some people have family members in hospitals

Some people have to go to work

Some people are victims of domestic abuse, and are in more danger in their home

Some people are still employed and can work from home and can financially stimulate their community.

Some people have recently been laid off and have to rely on government systems for the first time in their life

Some people are questioning their political beliefs

Some people are questioning their religious beliefs

Some people are learning to use the internet for the first time

Some people are alone

Some people are with their family

Some people are suffering from mental health issues

Some people are using this time to reconnect with themselves and nature.

All people are subject to feelings of loneliness

All people have the capacity to impact their community

All people have the ability to Love and receive Love

All people Fear

All people Laugh

All people Cry

All people Love

We navigate the chaotic waters of our new life, we need to remember to meet people’s stress and fear with kindness and love.

What’s one thing you can do or have seen done out of kindness and love lately?

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