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Mobile Produce Pantry logo has stacked rectangular boxes of different lengths.  The top box is the shortest in width. It's muted teal blue with white capital lettering "Mobile". The middle Box is the longest, is muted pink and has capital white lettering "PRODUCE". The bottom is muted green with capital white lettering "PANTRY". The boxes are justified to the right. Below the bottom box there are two circles that are meant to represent wheels. The left circle is darker pink. The right circle is the World U.P. Logo. Out the back is abstract colors of produce designed to make it look like the logo is in forward motion.

Demolishing barriers that food deserts build, and connecting communities to the diverse people and resources that nourish us all.

Healthy food promotes healthy minds, bodies, and relationships. Through the creation of the Mobile Produce Pantry (MPP), we hope to demolish the walls
that food deserts build and connect communities to the people and resources that nourish peaceful diversity.
View of the back of a line of diverse people with their arms wrapped across their neighbors back. They are walking forward across grass towards greenery.
Two sets of hands holding a bowl of cherry tomatoes, set against grass. The hands to the right are white, and the set of hand to the left of the bowl are wearing beige and blue gardening gloves.
The MPP was developed to strengthen Richmond's food chains, focusing on improving food security in areas that currently lack access to fresh and healthy produce.
We partner with existing pantries
to improve food distribution capacity, providing a mobile model that directly supplements food offerings to the community. Our model is being
blueprinted so other pantries may
have their own MPP.

The MPP has proven demand for reliable access to fresh & healthy produce
not only exists but is urgently needed.
MPP_Produce-Pic - 12 18 2021.jpg

60,000 lbs

of produce distributed

since 2017

MPP_TRUCK-PS-Edited-Pic - 12 18 2021_edited.jpg

6 Distributions per month

MPP_Tomatoes-Hands-Pic - 12 27 2021.jpg


families served

each month

We are grateful to improve distribution and foster food security in the communities that need it most with our partners:

St. Mark COGIC Logo
Sylvia Sister's Logo
Pure Roots Nutrition Logo
soul n vinegar logo
Blue and Green Feed More Logo
Cedar Street Baptist Church Logo
Northside Outreach Center Logo
Dupont One Spruance Logo
Brandermill Women's Club Logo
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